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Not saying America is alone, just saying that financial success and fame are centerpieces of America culture

That is because we are capitalists and it’s also why Fire attacks them. Anyway fame is really not what makes socialism an impossible goal. You can say that America has a problem with having too much of a fame worshiping culture and you might even be right but the root of this is the human desire for status. That status takes different forms in different cultures. As I mentioned many times, in Authoritarian governments, especially communist or socialist governments, status is bestowed by the government. All your doing is reallocating the winners. That’s what I never can quite get through to you guys.

And the Bernie Sanders or AOC’s always have an answer for this. It’s always, campaign reform or some law about elected officials benefiting from donors or the stock market or whatever but that will never actually change anything. Once in control of the mechanisms of power they will be used to enrich whoever is in control. When you give government more and more power over the people the more power they will have to enrich themselves and they will do it.

My answer is to limit the power of government and give individuals back their own bodies, minds and lives so long as they don’t harm or infringe on anyone elses right to do the same. I’m sorry but you can’t do that without allowing individuals to chase status on their own terms. The good news is that they have to do it themselves and for themselves and they have to follow the laws of the country while doing it. They also won’t have the benefit of having power bestowed by the people used to help them enrich themselves.