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the IG was a Trump appointee! Fake news!

says the guy who posted Russian dinformation from Rudy?

You probably also discounted all those other IG reports

Trump’s Sec of State firing all those IGs

Ignored all those IG reports that DESTROYED Trump’s various hoax claims

ignore NOW when Rudy’s bribe tape go live

ignore NOW when McGahn says that Trump asked him the lie

IN OTHER WORDS, even if the IG report is accurate and NOT just some political hack job, you guys collectively — Trumpers — are a pack of boys who cried wolf for FIVE YEARS BECAUSE you willfully parroted Trump LIE after LIE after LIE after LIE.

This is why your HYPER-POLITICAL cries now that Biden is a “liar” and the media are “liars” go NOWHERE . . you Trumpers said the same thing during Russia, Ukraine, the insurrection, Coronavirus, “china trade wars, tariffs, build the wall, Flynn, Manafort, caging kids, the El Paso shooting etc etc etc . .