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Yet you run to your keyboard for just the tiniest, minuscule victories…

You sure are having to say this a lot recently, aren’t you?

confirmation bias

confirmation bias

You keep saying it without explaining how confirmation bias applies to this story. Maybe those words do not mean what you think they mean, Vizzini.

you think that you’ve uncovering something more than the nature of 24/7 news and just the constant crying and crying and crying… while TOTALLY IGNORING far worse media coverage.

First off, lolz @ “far worse media coverage.” Is there anything worse than completely making up a story and running with it for days upon end – which negates your 24/7 news coverage excuse. This wasn’t a one-off that was quickly corrected and dropped. This was the MSM’s battle cry for weeks, and of course the useful idiots like Mr. Cronkite and yourself sucked it right up.

Thats why you and Greenwald are fucking clowns.

Greenwald & jbear – 1
Mr. Mayor & Mr. Cronkite – 0

The clowns are apparent.