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This is disgusting. Our current President lied bold faced lied. Did he know? Did anyone know?

It’s unbelievable. And Karma went on a four year rant about the truth and lies and still doesn’t get it. It’s sick and it’s coming back to bite the left hard.

Would be hard pressed to distinguish a JBear post from a LargeMarge post from a KKKChron post. Lol.

One aspect of story turning out to be false doesn’t make everyone “liars” . you clowns need a vocabulary lesson :-)

Btw, why is this (Trump-appointed) IG credible but all those other IGs who reported Trump and his henchman doing bad things were … Deep State?

You Trumpers are all reaping what you sowed. Most people will ignore your claims on things like this precisely because of the past, politically driven dishonesty.

And why are we all reading about it … if the MSM is all aligned against truth?

Weird, huh?

Which would be a legitimate stance if it was one you had maintained for the last 4 years.