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I think most people agree with this as a concept.

From Cove posts, I find it hard to believe you, Fire, Roy and any leftist agree with the concept of limiting the power of government.

this is part of the problem

you, Fire, Roy and any leftist

any reasonable person reading these posts would see there are differences between all of those posters. In fact, I even point them out. But, you package them all together as “leftists” and close your mind to the prospect that ANY of them could possibly believe in small government

There are many Trumpers here in the Cove. JBear does not wholly share the view of Runole, for example. In fact, I just jokingly pointed that out. JBear and DH both voted for Trump. JBear claims to be a Libertarian. DH is an actual Libertarian. The two are very different in their views. Spartan is a Trumper, but his views on many issues are different than many.

the weird thing is that BY DEFINITION actual Trump supporters, as group, are way off on the right fringe of the political spectrum, so it forces you to look out over the rest of America and basically paint them all as “leftists.” That is dumb on its face OBVIOUSLY (Rinos are leftists?) so then it becomes “Biden is controlled by AOC” and threads like this one . . TALKING ABOUT BERNIES plan even though Biden actually REJECTED it.

IN other words, the real world BELIES your attempt to group everyone together as some “leftist” cabal that is secretly trying to end America, but you dont seem to care.