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lol that’s not true

It was a symbol of who he is. He is a self-serving media clown who was in a position to lead during several crises BUT CHOSE HIS POLITICAL INTERESTS OVER LEADERSHIP

this Bible stunt comes form the same mindset that said CV19 would go away, that it was a DEm Hoax . . and that led to 600K deaths, right?

the Bible stunt is the same mindset that led him to bribe Ukraine –YOUR BOY RUDY TOO

the Bible stunt is the same mindset that led the country through TWO IMPEACHMENTS

the Bible stunt is the same mindset that led to WORLDWIDE riots over George Floyd

THESE THINGS ^^^^ are all the same tragic flaw.

What’s really tragic is that you really believe this. The deranged left is what led the country through two impeachments first of all.

I know the Bible stunt pissed you and all your black shirt buddies off real bad. That’s why you called people telling the truth liars for an entire year. In la la land this is justice. Someone makes you mad, you go berzerk, make shit up, lie through your teeth and call everyone with a different view a liar. Even after you get busted you still post garbage like this.

“It’s because Trumpy wanted a photo op” “How dare the orange man vilify the good social justice warriors”

And this from a guy who swears he’s not a radical. How the hell are you not a radical? The truth is beating you over the head and you refuse to acknowledge it exists. That Trumps “crime” was just being against you. (team good guy)

And you still Don’t get it? The ends always justify the means because you know that your side is right and you go so far as to deny reality, facts and truth. It’s insanity.