Stagger Lee

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And you still Don’t get it? The ends always justify the means because you know that your side is right and you go so far as to deny reality, facts and truth. It’s insanity.

It’s not so much insanity as it is that cocoon he keeps mentioning.

so even if you think that, its all those NOW proven Trump lies that seem to undercut you, right?

By example, Kermit, you’re endorsing the opinion of a poster who parroted Rudy Guliani’s Hunter Biden mess . . and now seems embarrassed to address it as the REALITY has come out ON TAPE

This is why all of this is almost farcical, right? Its a bunch of people suggesting OTHERS are crazy AFTER there an actual track record of their own that says .. well . .

Its people like Large Marge calling others “dumb” after a “worstest hits” list of comedic errors

That’s the point. If Trump got a raw deal from the coverage for this event,and it appears he did, then its unfair to him, but good luck convincing people of that . . because you all said AND STILL SAY .. Flynn was innocent, Russia was a hoax, Ukraine was a hoax, NO SUCH THING AS GOP VOTER SUPPRESSION

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