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which is worse, to be an ardent and open Trump supporter or to feel so bad about his policies (that you support) and his shit show antics .. . that you deny allegiance?

FireLicht2020 wrote:
This is the problem with the “I’m not a Trumper (but I really am crowd)”

You keep claiming, especially after Jan 6th, that he wasn’t your guy

There’s an entire collection of supporters who try to distance themselves from Trump while actually supporting the policies. These are the supporters who buy into the “white grievance” populism approach Trump. They say things like “there no such thing as GOP voter suppression” when its obvious they are wrong because the policy is OBVIOUSLY doing their bidding at the EXPENSE of other citizens, often non-white.

weird thing, self care of sorts

This is total bullshit and it’s all due to your rabid partisanship that you feel the need to couch my politics in such absolute terms. When the other side gets called names “Trumper” for daring to call the guardian of the truth to the mat you know you’ve lost all objectivity.

Once and for all, did Trump have peaceful protesters tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets so he could have a photo op with a bible? Does it even matter to you? I think not.