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Here’s a “paint by umbers” trip through human nature.

Trumpers who now want everyone to react to this IG’s report hear from the people they try to cudgel things like “Trump-appointed IG” precisely because . . they are used to seeing things like . .

The ultimate IG — the former Attorney General of the US, Barr . .

go on national television and read a “summary” of another “report” to them . .

that years down the road turned out to be FALSE

They also see all manner of Trumper sycophant, Nunes, Jordan, Scalise etc claim, out of fealty, that everything is a hoax, a witch hunt etc

You guys — Cove Trumpers – seem to almost ignore that human nature (ie that people dont generally pay attention to liars) and then call people dumb or crazy or liars themselves, in the process, because their skeptical?

which .. just leads to an absolute AVALANCHE of sycophantic/cultist examples back in your face.

You guys (Trumpers) put yourselves in this position, Trump did too, so its a little weird to cry that youre victims when you think the “enemy of the people” media who “perpetuated the Russia Hoax and the Ukraine hoax and the Covid hoax” has gotten something wrong