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In another thread, @JBear is speaking like a 2nd Am absolutist if though that rights OBVIOUSLY . . obviously , , infringes on other’s rights

obviosyl, abortion. You guys dont seem to even understand your own platform lol. Your actually party — the party of Trump – is ACTIVELY trying to FULLY deny a women control over her body

and this is just a JBear strawman:

I’ve lost count of how many times I have explained this to you and you refuse to wrap your head around it. And I’m not demanding that you agree with me either. All I’m doing is pointing out that it is NOT a fucking contradiction if you believe that God bestowed the same rights on a fetus at any time before that fetus exists the birth canal. That means that even a libertarian is allowed to believe that a fetus is a living baby at some point before actual birth. I don’t even know what point that is but I do know that not even the wacko’s on the left are proposing abortions right up until birth so I have a hard time understanding what you’re even complaining about.

If the question is just about at what point a fetus becomes a live individual with rights once again we have no contridiction here because as always the only time people shouldn’t have the right to do as they please with their own body is when it infringes on the rights of another individual. I have also pointed out that there are libertarians who claim to be pro life.

Here’s a fucking article which I’ve already posted and you’ve ignored.