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There are many Trumpers here in the Cove. JBear does not wholly share the view of Runole, for example. In fact, I just jokingly pointed that out. JBear and DH both voted for Trump. JBear claims to be a Libertarian. DH is an actual Libertarian. The two are very different in their views. Spartan is a Trumper, but his views on many issues are different than many.

the weird thing is that BY DEFINITION actual Trump supporters, as group, are way off on the right fringe of the political spectrum, so it forces you to look out over the rest of America and basically paint them all as “leftists.” That is dumb on its face OBVIOUSLY (Rinos are leftists?) so then it becomes “Biden is controlled by AOC” and threads like this one . . TALKING ABOUT BERNIES plan even though Biden actually REJECTED it.

IN other words, the real world BELIES your attempt to group everyone together as some “leftist” cabal that is secretly trying to end America, but you dont seem to care.

This is the most insulting, asinine post yet. You’ve outdone yourself again.

Again, is this what you really think or is it just an act? Just take me, one individual and you’ll find a hundred contradictions against what you said here.

In this simplistic view Trumpers are all extreme right wing fringe lunatics and of course I’m one of them. It couldn’t be any less true. The people who blindly support whatever Trump says do so by falling in line with Trump. They end up where he is on everything. That includes fiscal conservatism. He’s no fiscal conservative by any stretch. So that is not an extreme right position and puts me to the right of a true Trumper. So I guess I’m crazier than a Trumper… right? Trump has stated he’s for a more restrained forign policy which I agree with. That is not a right wing position. He’s for Authoritarian government as long as he’s in charge which is completely against what I believe. He loves imminent domain which I’m against. Trump is for the war on drugs which I’m against. I’m for criminal justice reform which trump is not in any real sense.

Bad enough that you boil everyone who opposes you down to one ugly slur but the really laughable thing is that you do all of this to help you make the point that “Trumpers” (Basically everyone in your view), see everyone who disagrees with them as a leftist…. all while seeing everyone who thinks Joe Biden’s policies look a lot like they’ve been influenced by people and positions that until recently even you called “leftist” as a Trumper.

I think everyone remembers you claiming Joe Biden is a moderate and how nobody in the Democratic party supports the GND or any form of socialism yet here we are. The policies proposed by the administration make Obama look like a Republican and it’s obvious to anyone. What you do time after time is pretend that everything that’s happening is completely normal and anyone who makes a fuss is an alt right nut who is also probably a racist.

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