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Not saying it’s the truth I am saying it’s the flaw in the report

What’s flaw?

The allegation is the Park Police cleared the park so that President Trump could enter the park. If the Secret Service entered the area earlier than the “operational plan”, it means they were supposed to enter the area as per a pre-determined agreement but shot the bolt. They screwed up basically it what it seems to say.

Lmao. Okay

Bwahaha ?

NYT – Trump found today in his room in Mar Lago with three dead babies. The babies were all impales on a golden sword with the initial DJT on it and Trump was covered on blood

Spartan – he issued a statement that it was self defense and he seems pretty genuine so it’s self defense until someone can prove otherwise. Besides Mike Flynn says it was self defense snd he never lies. Oh and Tucker Carlson is reporting that it may have been the Deep State