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I can name just 3 Doctors who treated over 1500 CV 19 patients and used the term
excellent to describe their results with Hydroxy.

And though it does help when you are on a ventilator, the greatest value is using
Hydro and Zinc in the first 4 days. The ending the virus is around 95%.

And those who use Hydroxy and Zinc as a preventive rather than a cure,
have such minimal symptoms as to not know they have Covid until they are tested.
And this is the best use of Hydroxy, not as a cure but as a preventive. In this form,
you only have to take one 200mg pill a week.

You have made it political and that is your business, but you are closing your mind
to what was happening in the field, in the emergency rooms, before the vaccines.

If you want great authority look up Dr Harvey Risch Epidemiatogy Yale School of Public Health.

Those two disgusting political hacks don’t care what your doctors have to say about it.

While it is fun sometimes to lurk and watch them act like fools, believing facts will change their mind is like believing you can turn a rock into a cheese burger.

Chronic has it right. Give them no respect, treat them like the asses they are, trigger them and then do it all over again