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Reality? LOL

Your reality:
HCQ is harmful…even though it’s been safe and effective FOR DECADES

Trump is a racist because:
He said SOME of the border crossers were criminals…context ignored
He said good people on both sides when referencing people not wanting statues torn down…context ignored
He said MS13 gang members are animals…context ignored

Voter ID laws are racist because minorities just can’t figure out how to get an ID…lmao, who is racist?

Summer of 2020 were all peaceful protests. It’s a myth that property was destroyed and people got hurt.

Trump was responsible for “the insurrection” because he challenges the election results. I haven’t seen you mention the Arizona audit. I assume you don’t think it’s newsworthy because…well, just because. I’m quite certain you have no interest in waiting for results before forming your opinion.

Maxine Waters has never called for violence? That could not have been her on video.

Mueller time
Russia, Russia, Russia
Adam Schiff has the evidence

Uncle Joe is not racist…even though he called “negro children cockroaches”
Uncle Joe is not racist…even though he said the schools and neighborhoods would become jungles
Crime Bill

Omar is not anti Semitic

Trump’s economic gains were because of Obama’s policies…even though Trump cut taxes and costly regulations…made America energy independent…was tough on trade…How have Biden’s economic maneuvers impacted the economy?

Trumpets are conspiracy theorists for saying the Wuhan lab had anything to do with The Rona…we don’t have enough ventilators! I SAID, WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH VENTILATORS!!…Trump told people to inject bleach…context again…stopping travel from China is xenophobic.

On and on and on we could go.

Reality!? STFU

Now I’m going to go put some cheese and ketchup on a rock and have an early lunch