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Or you know… it isn’t some grand conspiracy because nobody gives a shit about Hunter Biden

That’s weird, as they sure gave a shit about anybody with the last name of Trump – even those that weren’t involved in the administration. I’m sure if Baron Trump was casually tossing around that magic word, the MSM would have equally ignored it. I’m sure.

One way to look at this story is that the MSM isn’t running it…

Another way to look at it is only sources described as “tabloid” are running it… the same companies that in court argue that they are entertainment, not news.

So it’s easy to see why the Daily Mail would run it or Fox… if they get sued they’ll just claim it was entertainment.

I know this next level of context is really fucking hard for you Biggs… I know you like to think in binary… but I have faith you can try to understand the context in things, one day

I can’t say I’m surprised at your lack of ability to identify the hypocrisy. Your excuse-making for your ignorance and MSM’s hypocrisy is comical, Mr. Mayor.