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It’s good to have you back coffee… I know you don’t post here much anymore since… well… let’s call it the “wake up call”.

And I know the wins are few and far between so getting excited about Hunter’s texts or hydro or whatever small wins you can find probably mean the world to you…

But the reality is you spent 4 year getting your ass handed to you as Trump was the worst president ever and the least qualified to handle a pandemic.

Then he lost and cried and tried to cheat and lost again then lost in court and now he looks decrepit and diaper-straddled.

This is all, I’m sure, very hard to process… 6 months isn’t enough time to grieve.

I’m sure watching Biden fix the pandemic is hard but it’s OK. He’s the president for all Americans whether you want it or not.

He loves you! He wants you to be happy! He is risen…