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Again, Chron demonstrates the worst racism of all. He doesn’t think black people are able to know what’s good for them. He thinks that the 90% of black people voted for Biden just don’t know what’s good for them.

But interestingly Trump did better in 2020 with blacks and every other group except one. It’s that one group who sunk Trump. Who is that one group who bailed on Trump? Lets have them tarred and feathered! That would be the white males. They are the only group who turned on Trump, and that’s why he lost. He lost because the moderate white males turned tail and ran as far as possible away from Trump. And what is Trump doing to bring those back in? Claiming the election was a fraud. Trying to push partisan circus recounts. Eliminating those politicians who didn’t support him. He’s not bringing the middle back in, he’s pushing them away further. Good luck with that.

Change from 2016:

White Men -5
White Women +2
Black Men +4
Black Women +4
Latino Men +3
Latino Women +3

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