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The answer is Byron stays as OC. And someone else becomes a HC. I’m not sure why everyone thinks Leftwich is the answer? I’m just curious as to where this anointing is coming from…

The answer is Leftwich. Here’s why.

You have to look beyond that to think about what Licht thinks the team needs to do. With Brady at the helm, all starters returning, and a weak NFC South its hard to envision a total bust of a season. So lets assume for the purpose of this topic that the Bucs don’t have a total meltdown of a season.
Licht will want to keep continuity. CONTINUITY is the key word here.

So which is easier?
A) Keeping the same offensive system and getting a new defensive coordinator (or promoting from within for DC), or

B) keeping the DC and getting a new OC? This would mean a new offensive system. Even if you promote from within you’d have a new playcaller.

The answer is obvious. If you want continuity, keeping the continuity of the offensive system will be the priority. You have some good defensive players who will be able to adapt to some changes. Nobody wants to lose Bowles, but we could still continue on with a pretty good defense. The same can’t be said if we lost Arians, Leftwich and Brady. You’d have to get an experienced OC in here to try to patch together what’s left into a new system.

The answer is obvious. Byron Leftwich is the frontrunner, and he’ll be the next HC unless, frankly, he screws it up. And its not that he’s a better coach than Bowles. Bowles may in fact be the better coordinator. Its to keep the continuity on offense.