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Well, it might do some of you some good, including the OP, to actually read the article.

It says the drug helped “if distributed at higher doses to ventilated patients with a severe version of the illness.” Do you not see the difference between taking the drug as a vaccine for Covid and giving it to patients already on ventilators? That’s great if it helps stave off death when you have no other choice, but that’s not what Trump was selling when he was pushing the stuff.

Yes he was. He was touting it as a treatment for people who have Covid and to a lesser degree as a prophylactic. I think he mentioned he had been taking it. I have not seen much to support the prophylactic aspect of this drug but definitely for patients who had been already been hospitalized.
Here’s a quote ..

Trump’s tweets pointed to research, also cited by the AAPS, which showed that hydroxychloroquine cut the COVID-19 death rate in hospitalised patients by half.

The article addresses both aspects of it.