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You STILL don’t get it (I know you do, and you’re being daft to save face).

For my little grapefruit boi:

You said: hypothetical Baron Trump would be treated differently than Hunter Biden; and you differentiated how Hunter is treated vs Trump (adult) kids

I said: media doesn’t typically go after the minors and here are some small examples. Chelsea defending Baron… one little joke about him and the media shut it down. Same with one little staffer on the Hill. It is off limits. You don’t make fun of the minors regardless of their parents

I then differentiated that Trump’s kids are in politics and hold rank in government, while Hunter does not. That is the main difference that Hunter gets less attention (for things that happened years ago) than CURRENT adult Trump kids in office saying and doing stupid shit.

You said: I’m a fucking grapefruit and cannot comprehend your point so I’ll just laugh, call you a mayor, then take my ball away because I lost an argument… but I’m like Trump and can never admit being wrong so I’ll just flip the board so nobody wins at Sorry

Me: wow you really are a grapefruit