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Boid. You sure bailed out on that one. There are 32 HC jobs in the world, and when you get that opportunity you take it. With another successful season this year, both Leftwich and Bowles are getting interviews. Licht has to make a decision, or let the other teams decide for him. Which one are you going to do if you are Licht?

A) Don’t decide. Let the other teams decide for you and possibly lose them both.

B) Make a decision. Handshake promise to Leftwich to be heir apparent.

C) Make a decision. Handshake promise to Bowles to be heir apparent.

Those are your three choices. Don’t chicken out this time.

As for my statement favoring Leftwich, I thought it was obvious that the Bucs would favor the offense. However, SR in his Fab 5 seems to think the defense is a priority. “Licht has put a strong emphasis on building Tampa Bay’s defense in the draft over the last four years, selecting 18 defensive players as opposed to 11. Fourteen of those 18 defensive draft picks are still on the Bucs’ current roster. An elite defense can beat an elite offense.” I’ll stick with my opinion, but certainly there’s an argument that defense wins championships and keeping that defense intact is the highest priority, and can you do that with a different coach?