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So you know more than Licht?

Oh the irony. Coming from the pussy who’s having an emotional breakdown over Licht cutting a scrub TE. Love how you continue to avoid my question. Yeah. We def donked off that one to the Vols. But, at least we were in that game. Unlike last week where Louisville put on one of the biggest and most embarrassing ass whoopings in the history of college football. I don’t think I’ve seen that many dudes get such good penetration so effortlessly since your wife’s last trip to Blue Martini

You were never in the game. Wife smack. Classy.

White flag acknowledged…

The only thing less creative than wife smack is “white flag” smack, you need to get out more.

You’re right. Perhaps I should threaten a poster to meet up and kick his ass only to puss out when they say to meet them at the home opener and is given seat info. Oh wait, that was that pussy 10lbbass. If you fail as much at life as you do with your football predictions, you’re in big trouble pal. Tell Mrs. A-Gap we all say hi Now back back to the topic…please tell us who the Top 5 kickers in the league have been the last few years and what rounds were they drafted.

You seem to struggle with insults so I will help you out. Any time you post a picture of yourself on Facebook or social media, it’s a dick pic…….. And you were the one begging to meet up then backing out when I told you specifically where I was and when I was there. You’ve tried this same tactic with many posters on here. Charmin soft DH……

I see that on top of having the football acumen of a doorknob, you have an issue with honesty and integrity. No wonder Mrs. A Gap loves the mailman, pool boy, neighbor’s son, etc.

Pussed out when you acted like a tough guy. No wonder you constantly change names.

And we all know why you won’t answer the simple question I’ve posted. Enjoy your daiquiri puss.