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Looking at this teams greatest needs in order to make the playoffs next year, I think we need explosive players and pass rushers.

My personal preference is to stock Winston up with weapons because I think making him successful is more important to our overall franchise success than having a well balanced team.

Since JW3 is the leader of our team, and the rest of the team feeds off his energy and his success, and his confidence rubs off on others and inspires the whole team, I want to give Jameis as much opportunity to be his best, that’s why I’m leaning so much towards the offensive pieces.

If we get the best available DL at pick 19, I will also be very happy because I know it will contribute to us winning more games, and if we can somehow figure out a way to get Winston some serious weapons and improve our pass rush, then that would be phenomenal.

I think there’s some DL talent available in FA, so I hope we stock up there, but I would go into the draft with every intention of getting home run hitters and electric play makers in order to help Jameis take the next step.

If this were a strong OL draft, then I might be on board for beefing up the OL, but it snot, so get the man some daggum weapons! !!!

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