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SR wrong to write positive article on Aguyao? lol

Our walking, talking DUI claims he wasn’t defending the substance of the article. Weird… Further proof that Vincent is a fan of this ball washing fluff piece and has no actual take on the subject. Check please…

If you get a grip on your anger (this is a silly message board discussion) you would see that I offered my take, in a response to you, no less. My first comment was the same as the poster above, my first post, the poster you’re ignoring lol

Anger? Lol. Rolling over is your “go to” move… You wanted a counter argument to SR’s fluff piece, so I’ll give you one. Hell, I’ll go a step further and give one for his equally stupid article from April. The ROI on kickers is absurdly low. Do us a favor, if you’re capable of taking a break from your double bourbon and water, look up the most successful kickers in the NFL over the last 5+ years. Now, look where those guys were drafted. Spare me the ridiculous examples of referring to Janikowski as an elite kicker. And stop with the ridiculous “Vinateri and Gostkowski struggled their rookie year” arguments. Neither one of them were drafted that early, and their respective franchises didn’t squander picks to do so. So, a team who has as many holes as we do, essentially wastes 3 picks to come away with a kicker. According to SR, that was a “genius” move and he “loved” the “bold move” by Licht. So, would you care to NOW give your counter argument? Now, let’s look at his actual performance. He was statistically the WORST kicker in the NFL. His stats are actually somewhat padded, because Koetter passed on NUMEROUS chances at 45+ yard field goals. Why is that? And in Scott’s own personal knob slobbing article, Aguayo is quoted stating that the pressure of the pick got to him. That he’s looking at other kickers and trying to pick up tendencies that they have. Zero confidence in his own swing. So, would you care to NOW give your counter argument? Or are you going to typical Vin, and just dance your way around it, simply because you’re only here to argue and not discuss football…

” you’re only here to argue and not discuss football”

i think you have that twisted. You and Buggsy’s make the mistake you did and always get locked up with posters because your mission seems to be defend your football IQ. In other words, to show everyone you really know football. Because of that you categorize posters, in this instance “for Aguyao” and “against Aguyao” and because you see me as “for Aguyao” your brains locked up as soon as I posted. You assumed I was defending SR’s position when I was not. You’ve spent a couple pages now trying to cover that gaffe by, as silly as it is, calling me names lol.

As for the substance, your comment above reveals the axe you grind (the pick), something that colors your view of SR’s article, no doubt. The pick was “disastrous” so his season was “disastrous” no matter what, in your mind

For my part, I don’t agree with SR’s suggestion that he barely survived on the merits or because he came on late. I also think he had a very bad season. More importantly though, I don’t think the fact that his teammates often overcame his misses saves his season from being “disastrous.”  I agree though that the ONLY positive that could emerge would be growth, but we will see in the next preseason.

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