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No thanks I don’t want to touch him at all. People that did what he did should not be aloud in this league. Playing in the NFL is a privilege.

Now look I’m not endorsing what he did but people do worse and get second chances… so plz don’t give me that hog-wash that he shouldn’t get a second chance.

getting a second chance is one thing but this douchebag showed no remorse for what he did. he just made bullshit excuses for why he did it. he literally said she hit him and it felt like a man doing it. if he wanted to show he was changed and reformed he would have stayed in college longer and tried to rehab his image. if we draft him i will be rooting for a catastrophic knee injury every time he steps on the field. hes a scumbag and deserves the worst. takes a real bitch to hit a woman like that

What a fucking butch thing to say behind a keyboard. You wish a knee injury and ruin someone’s way of life because they did something wrong. It’s a good thing your shit doesn’t stink. Saying stuff like that, you deserve to get swung on.

haha you’re an idiot. i deserve to get swung on because i dont believe in hitting women? hes a piece of garbage human and id gladly say it to his face. at least if he swung on me he’d actually be taking a chance by trying to hit another man and not a woman. punching a girl like that is the biggest bitch move ive ever seen

take a lap loser, you’re a goon just like him

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