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@PR I hope you have learned your lesson. From now on, you cannot post any articles or express any opinions unless they are pre-approved by Pepsi. @pepsi Thank you good sir for protecting us from mean words and non-conforming opinions. You help keep us safe.

Hah If only you knew me… I actually very anti safe space, SJW, anti your opinions are diferrent so your bad type of person. but there’s a huge difference between something being an opinion and something being a opinion so bad its not really an opinion its just really wrong because your retarded.. you know what i mean? Let me give you an example. If someone said that they think hitler was a pretty good person and a pretty cool dude and thats their opinion. It would be their opinion but theyd be an idiot and theyd be wrong. Relating it to football and the NFL now. If someone says we should draft a kicker in the 2nd or 3rd round and it would be a good idea to do that. Thats their opinion, but they are indeed dumb, and it is indeed a bad opinion. If someone says Roberto Aguayo’s season wasnt actually that bad, or as bad as we thought it was, then they would be wrong as well and it would be considered a dumb thing to say to us. So Freddy, I dont mean to protect us from non-conforming opinions at all, or mean words (those are completely fine – go right ahead), just the brain dead stupid opinions that are not really opinions because theyre wrong kind. and youre welcome

But what you and most everyone else here can’t see, is the hook in your mouth. Check out all the traffic Scott has driven to the site; 6 pages with no end in sight. I think he knew exactly what he was doing. I doubt it’s 100% click bait, but what he did, is take the position that no one else is, and tried to express it. To start a conversation. Then once the conversation has started, fade into the shadows and watch. Debate 101.

DH, here you go. Same comment. Looks forward to watching your assault, lol

What’s your point, Counselor? Now, I know that you rarely ever have one; but I’m curious to see if you’ve made a New Year’s resolution or something. You claim that SR was simply writing a “positive article” about Aguayo. Now you’re quoting someone claiming that it was nothing more than “click bait”. If it’s the later, then it further cements my belief that he’s the worst writer on PR and that I am really looking forward to what the new guy brings to the table. MC is solid, but that goes without saying. But, based on his prior articles about Aguayo, I simply think he’s double downed on stupidity. Just my take on it. Nothing more, nothing less.

For you to have a valid opinion on writers you’d have to first be able to read. To that point, Freddy didn’t say the article was “nothing more than click bait,” he actually made a point of saying the opposite. Similarly, I didn’t post that SR was “simply writing a positive article” about Aguyao. We both said that he took an uncommon position, started a conversation, etc.   I even later referenced the recent addition of Fab5 responses.


Maybe we’ve found the problem, lil guy.


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