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Aaron Rogers is the best QB in football… I hate the Packers but he alone let’s me root for them. Amazing mobility, accuracy, intelligence, decision making, and attitude. He does it the right way. His talent: Ty Montgomery, Randall Cobb, and Davante Adams (with Jordy knocked out) and he still does it all. THAT is an elite QB.

you left out ridiculous arm strength. hes almost a once in a generation talent

Could’ve been a Buc

coulda woulda shoulda but he probably wouldnt be anywhere near as good. he spent a lot of productive time learning from Favre, learning the Packers offense and developing as a player. if he came here he probably is forced in too early and does not turn into the same guy

you can always say a guy could have been a Buc but it doesnt mean theyd have been the same player. scheme fit and coaching go a long way to determining a guy’s career

Rodgers did a lot of great things getting ready for his time once Favre moved on but learning from Favre wasn’t one of them. When he’s on, he is the best I have ever seen. Incredible today.

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