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Clearly, Licht didn’t consult my top-50 draftable players list prior to selecting Aguayo. LOL Then again I only rate football players, not wannabe soccer stars. SR is clearly trying to back up his previous statements on Aguayo.

Your last sentence (after my edit) could be true, but it also shows why so much is posted here without close reading and why headlines matter and why it’s was NOT a bad thing to write the Fab1.

Nearly everyone here hates the pick. SR defended the pick. Short of the Bucs winning the SB this season on an Aguyao kick, nothing positive SR wrote about Aguyao’s season would fly because he is labeled by the board as a “pick defender” so everyone who hates the pick jumps to attack SR based on his headline alone lol. Like I said, not a bad thing for PR.

Look forward to the follow up article… and the next 7 pages of this thread, many of which will include all kinds of over the top comments about SR and PR … because SR wrote that a player’s season was not disastrous. Imagine if he would’ve said Aguyao’s season was bad. Oh wait, he did

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