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No thanks I don’t want to touch him at all. People that did what he did should not be aloud in this league. Playing in the NFL is a privilege.

Now look I’m not endorsing what he did but people do worse and get second chances… so plz don’t give me that hog-wash that he shouldn’t get a second chance.

getting a second chance is one thing but this douchebag showed no remorse for what he did. he just made bullshit excuses for why he did it. he literally said she hit him and it felt like a man doing it. if he wanted to show he was changed and reformed he would have stayed in college longer and tried to rehab his image. if we draft him i will be rooting for a catastrophic knee injury every time he steps on the field. hes a scumbag and deserves the worst. takes a real bitch to hit a woman like that

I think you’re a going a little over here. The girl assaulted him, and he responded in kind. Should he have? Of course not. But, just like the chick that hit De’Ardre Johnson, women need to learn there are consequences for their actions as well. I realize that won’t go over very well with the PC Police, but women don’t have carte blanche to swing on whomever they like without consequences.

I agree 100% and this is coming from a person that was born 4 weeks early because my “dad” hit my mom several times. Mixon should have walked away after she hit him.

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