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Hope we bring in K.Shorts DT from the Carolina Panthers. Not only does it strengthens or D line it weakens there’s. I would also like C.Patterson WR from the Viking , not as a starter but to replace Josh Huff. He could also be a gadget player. I think M.Hunt DE will be a free agent also. Hunt played for or D-line coach in Cinncy so maybe a cheap signing for depth. I not sure if he any good . Also Cameron Jordan TE the for the Dolphins to replace Myers. I don’t see any great FS or SS in this free agent class unless Eric Berry really leave KC, but come on we know there gonna lock him up.

If you’re talking about Margus Hunt from the Bengals, he isn’t good.

What, I guess that probably why I haven’t heard his name since the draft, okay scratch that idea.

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