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Winston is not elite yet (to the rest of the NFL)… but to Tampa fans and organization he very much is, let me explain…talking just on the field performance I have to agree he’s not at an elite level when compared to guys like Brady and Rodgers.. but if you put in all he does for this team in general wether it’s dealing with the community or leading a team of men (at just 22 years old) I’d like to think that’s what elite is.. call me crazy but there are maybe 3-4 QBs that I would take over Winston right now.

He’s 23, let’s stop using Age as an excuse or a reason why he’s inconsistent. 2 full NFL seasons and he’s still a inconsistent turnover prone qb.

Lot of potential but give me Rodgers, Carr, Ryan, Luck, Prescott, Brees, Rothelisberger, and Brady over Winston. Jury is still out if he’s the answer long term here but I like a lot from what I’ve seen so far.

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