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Ryan Ramczyk is a name that has shot up draft boards and will probably continue to do so. With the draft still being 3 months or so away I don’t know that he will be there when we pick at 19 but the kid is going to be really good for a really long time in the NFL. A dominant run blocker and has really athletic feet to get out and lead block (which would be great, think about how many blocks D. Smith missed trying to lead block for a screen). He’s almost as good in pass pro as he is at run blocking. Much of his film is him getting his long arms on the DE and just riding him out of the play past the QB. Has the quick feet to counter an inside move as well. The only downside to his tape is he’s a tall dude and struggles with pad height from time to time. That gets him leaning into the block, his hips over his feet and his back bent… that’s coachable though. He’s got a little bit of Hawley in him with his rough and tough, play every second of the game, first to clean up a pile demeanor. If we could land Ramczyk at 19 he’d plug right in at LT. Move Smith inside. Idk what I would do with the Marpet to center experiment… he’s really good at RG but could he be even better at center? If you draft Ramczyk, kick Smith to RG and Marpet to C you upgrade 2 spots (LT and C) while hoping Smith is better suited inside (as he should be) with his less than desired athletic ability. I’m ok with Pamphile at LG and we still need a RT but you only get so many draft picks.

Completely on board with this. I think I can stomach Dotson another year if we overhaul the other side.

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