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Pepsi, pretty much agree. Short will never make it to FA, that’s a pipe dream (but if he did, I’d LOVE the signing), but I’d be very happy with Stills if KC lets him go. Not sure how I feel about Garcon, he’s been injured a lot. I don’t know much (yet) about Curtis Samuel, but I like the idea, but if he’s not a candidate for the #1 rushing back (like Sims), I’d rather go with another runner unless we keep Martin (which I still would like to do at a reduced salary).

Im not sure about that. They will have 3 guys along the Dline that will be FA, and Short is going to be a dilema for them this FA. Theyre FA is very complicated, Mario Addison was great for them, finishing with 10 sack sand 15 QB hits, they have depth at DT with Vernon Butler behind short. Charles Johnson is a vet theyre not going to want to lose and even tho his sack numbers werent great, he was getting to the QB with hits and pressures. They dont want to loose theyre most productive player in Addison, but Shorts is going to cost even more. Its going to be a mess for them and we should be targetting whoever the casualty is. Its very possible that Shorts gets to test FA and if he does we should fly the jets over to him and pick him up. If the Panthers prioritize him, we should be strike on the guy who felt snubbed by them.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Johnson is on the wrong side of 30 and was let go by Carolina last season and almost signed with us before going back to Carolina and taking less money. I doubt he’ll be a priority. If it comes down to Addison or Shorts for the tag, that will be a hard decision, but I really think the Panthers will find a way to keep both. Gettleman loves his offensive and defensive linemen. I think Shorts hitting FA is a very long shot – BUT if he does, I absolutely agree with you, but our jet won’t be the only one getting sent either. JMO.

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