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DSmith has always played LT. He’s not versatile at all. If he’s moving at all it would be to LG. No way he moves to the right side. I think the right side is ok anyway. LT and OC are the weaknesses. Maybe Pamphile could play C And we can draft a LT, even if he is a backup to groom to take over. DSmith has such a low motor. So disappointing

I don’t think he’d be any better at RT. Teams move their best pass rushers around, and they would find him. He needs to move inside.

We dont know for sure how the coaches feel abut D. Smith as fas as if a move is in order or not. We do know the tape doesn’t lie. He got beat around the edge often and gave up when the defender got past his hip. Thats not going to fly for a LT or RT. If they do move him, it will certainly be to guard. He his better suited to play guard anyways. Physically and skill set wise.

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