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Two things… 1.) why are you guys saying Martin hasn’t worked out? … the dude hasn’t been detrimental to the team… he made a mistake and he’s gonna grow from it.. don’t put him in the same category with freeman or Jackson…2.) Gordon will not pass up on going to the pats if he’s released by the browns. So I wouldn’t even get my hopes up. Draft a WR in the 1st and OL in the second…

How do you know what the futrue holds for Doug Martin? Thats such a generic excuse anytime someone does wrong. “He made a mistake, and he’ll grow from it”… to me, making a mistake is missing a blitz pickup and growing from it is picking it up next time.

Doug Martin willing did his drug of choice the first time and devolped an addiction. An addiction that became so severe that he had to leave his team (which is detrimental when you’re the starting bellcow RB) for rehab.

Doug let himself, his family, his teammates, and the Buccaneers organization down.

Clearly this entire Doug Martin/player that have a substitute abuse problem has not and never will work out. History is the greatest teacher we’ll ever have and it’s taught us that once a player (or any person) gets on the addiction train theres a very small chance they stay clean. You cant risk that, not for a player in the NFL.

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