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Why are they evil? Because they work harder than everyone else?

Because they use loopholes to commit more resources to football that gives them an unfair advantage, all the while avoiding NCAA violations. Each school can only have so many assistant coaches on staff. What Bama does is employ two layers of “pseudo coaches” that aren’t officially assistant coaches. The first layer handles game planning. All they do is break down the tape of each opponent and determine tendencies. The second layer handles recruiting and they are the ones who contact recruits. Because they are not officially assistant coaches, they can contact recruits during the “dead period”. It’s only a matter of time before the NCAA puts a stop to this, but right now, it’s legal.

I’m not an Alabama fan, but you sound butthurt.  They don’t have an “unfair” advantage.  Every team in the country can do the things you’re complaining about.

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