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were getting caught up in thinking we need a first round WR right now. we dont need one right now. Im all for it if Williams is there, or if they draft Davis or Ross im fine with it. But this team lacked weapons so bad that even the tier 2-3 FAs would represent huge upgrades for Winston.

Guys like Brian Quick, Kenny Stills, Robert Woods, Marquise Goodwin, Cordarrelle Patterson, Tedd Ginn combined with a round 2 or 3 receiver like Sutton or KD Cannon.

Or your Tier -1-2 FAs like Desean Jackson, Piere Garcon, Pyror, Kendal Wright, Jeffery, Britt.

Any one of these guys combined with even a 3rd round WR will be considered military grade hardware compared to the toys r us gear Winston had last year.

And nobody is mentioning Cortland Sutton, pair that guy with Mike Evans and any one of those fast FAs list above like Garcon, Stills, Jackson and good luck stopping the Bucs. Why use pick 19 on it when its so easy to do without it?

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