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I think people under estimate the value of a kicker. 16% of games are lost by 3pts, 40% by less than a touchdown. Therefore a good kicker is the equivalent of at least 1 win per season with a possible high of up to 6.  If you have the opportunity to grab a potentially great kicker then you take IMO. This argument that kickers are a dime a dozen and you can pick them up at the Walmart car park is, to put it mildly, short sighted. Even if it is ESPN or some other football “expert” making it.

Aguerro however was thought to be the second coming and ended up (at least this season) as a duck. It could also be legitimately argued he was drafted a round or 2 higher than he should have, but like poker sometimes you take the risk, sometimes you feel you can’t.

I thought Scott’s piece was OK. Somewhat Aguerro friendly I admit but relatively well broken down. To compare it to Noah Spence, his season was also broken down in a similar fashion. He started slow, had a great spell in the middle (without being awe inspiring) and tapered off at the end. He is still considered to have a good season and has great potential. IMO Scott was simply pointing out a similar argument that Aguerro had a good spell and has potential. He still has to pull his finger out and get things sorted or he is out, but he showed he can do it, but needs to be more consistent.

I think the crux of this matter is deep down we want to see our high draft picks scoring touchdowns or making interceptions, and sitting on the bench waiting for the offense to have a drive fail is not sexy enough.


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