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I don’t see Mike Smith going anywhere. Not yet at least. NFL seems to be trending away from retread head coaches. Although Marrone is a second time around, but he left on his own last time for reasons that escape me.

He left because he wasn’t getting along with Bills ownership. Rex Ryan didn’t get along with them either.

He did not want to trade up for Sammy Watkins. He never got past that. Smart dude. Horrible trade it was

You mean the guy who picked EJ Manuel with his first pick?


He is a nice guy. Players LOVE Doug. But he isn’t a genius dude. His selection of Manuel Trumps your nonsense about Watkins. Doug is one heck of a Oline coach. That is desirable, in that he can coach his unit and delegate the rest to more competent coaches. He was nothing special at Syracuse, other than being one of he nicest guys you’ll meet.

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