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Team Needs: WR, RB, OC, RT, Saftey

Summary on Needs: I think safety looked like our biggest need at the beginning of the season but towards the ends when our defense came together, specifically the Dline, the safeties looked adequate and McDougald started looking decent. Then Tandy came in and looked quite good. I think Conte could go and we could use a new guy somewhere. Weapons for Winston is biggest need, we NEED a run game. as of now we have nobody. we need receivers besides Evans and a bunch of UFAs. RT was abysmal and single handedly shut us down for 2 drives against the cowboys, and we could use an up grade at Center.

Draft round 1-4:
Round 1: Offensive Tackle – Ryan Ramczyk for possible future probowl right tackle
Round 2: WR/RB – Curtis Samuel – probably stealing both humphries and Sims job. Think Pecry harvin
Round 3: WR – KD Cannon – Explosive Deep threat, long term route great runner possibilities
Round 4: RB – Jamaal Williams – or best available RB. havent looked too deep at RB yet so this could change.

Free Agency:
this is harder to pin point but I have various scenarios. Big money signing goes to defense either in Secondary via Berry if available, or best Corner like Gilmore, or my preference is best DT to pair with McCoy. We have tons of cap so keep going. doesnt have to be the biggest names but we resign Gholston. Sign Pierre Garcon for his solid and dependable routes hands and veteran savy, he helps KD Cannon learn in the NFL. Sign a guard if we can.

Internal Moves:
Was listen to Commish podcast like some do here, and while hes not always enjoyable to listen to,  sometimes the “bucs needs” talk is good content. My Oline suggestion will mirror his so this will sound familiar to anyone who just listened. Time for Ali Marpet to make the switch to Center. Pamphile at LG. Sweezy gets projected at RG and if hes not looking ready then Licht cuts his losses and looks to spend on another guard in FA. lot easier to find a good guard then it is to find an probowl center, and marpet has the makings of a probowl center. Where i add more than commish did is I improve our RT with the first round pick in getting Ryan Ramczyk. Also in addition to looking for a replacement to Sweezy in FA if he doesnt get healthy, perhaps look at guard in 4th-7th round.

Offense gets a complete jolt of energy with KD Cannon, Curtis Samuel, Peirre Garcon, Jamaal Williams  (if not those exact players then still similar concept). We saved the first round pick from being used on a WR and get to use it on a tackle that will hopefully protect Winston for years and run block well for years. Further improved the Oline by shifting Marpet to Center. Added at least one big name to our defense to help keep them consistently playing at a high level. Added a big RB from this really deep RB at a value spot in the draft, taking advantage of the classes strengths.

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