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It was their day off. If a player spends his day off doing drugs n hookers in NYC and you don’t know about is it still disrespecting the game? What players do in their time off is not disrespecting the game unless they are breaking league rules. Get over yourself


Down by 8 points, lunk-head Bobby Rainey caught a kickoff that was clearly going out of bounds and stepped out at the 2 yard line. The Giants momentum stalled and the rest is history. That play had more of an impact in that game than the trip to Miami.

LOL Guess you’re  Giants fan making excuses for not taking the game seriously enough. Fine, bully for you. But I saw drops, numerous inexcusable drops by the players who flew out of town to party during what should have been the most important week of their season. As it turned out it was and also their last. NOW they can party.

Glad they lost anyway, some of the most obnoxious fans to visit the Ray Jay are Giants and Jets fans. Going to be sellouts next season and I hope to HELL our players take the game more seriously than their receivers did last week.

That is all. Surprised this thread lasted so long and even more surprised so many posters supported their lack of respect for the game.

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“We’re all here because we’re not all there.”
as always, GO BUCS!!!