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I think some needs will be addressed via free agency such as a vet WR, a vet RB, and a vet DT. I don’t see any huge numbers or big name players coming in. I think a WR like Kamar Aiken, a RB like Lacy (prove it deal) and a run stuffer DT like D. Poe. I also think we resign Gholston and McDougald. Rd 1: TE OJ Howard- I know this pick seems like a waste of a first rounder, but I see Williams and Davis both gone, Cook gone, Barnett, Garrett, and Allen gone, Robinson and Ram gone, and Hooker and Adams gone. Howard was the number 1 TE coming out of high school, and was severely underused as a receiver at Alabama. He has had huge games as a receiver when they opened it up, usually on the biggest stage. But a key to me is that because of his expierence in a ground and pound offense, his run blocking will be a huge plus in our running game. We use a base 2 TE a good deal, and having both him and Brate on the field at the same time sets up mismatches.

I wanted Howard until Brate emerged as a probowl caliber TE for us. But you’re doing a good job selling Howard. it is true that all of those guys you mentioned will gone with the possible exception of Davis and Ram(if you mean Ramzcyk). and I do think that Howard could be the next bonafide stud TE in the NFL who was just severely underused in Bama. Quality and experienced blocker with upside to be elite in both blocking and receiving. I think that Licht and company still try and at least somewhat fill a positional void with pick 19 so I dont see this pick happening unless he is there at our second round pick, which is doubtfull.

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