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The strategy is to match your needs with the strength of the Draft, and try to fill one or two other key needs with a FA or two, also find depth in both FA and the Draft.

I think you also have to have a base philosophy or guiding principles that you believe in as well that drives you – Koetter’s is Turn-overs, Explosive Plays, Sacks.

Your Strategy should mach your Philosophy / Guiding Principles…

Key Needs:

  1. WR
  2. Safety
  3. DE
  4. RB
  5. Return Specialist
  6. DT
  7. TE
  8. C
  9. Future RT

Strength of the Draft:

  • DL – there are several very good DL prospects at both Tackle and End, and there will likely be one of them staring us in the face at 19.
  • I also think CB is very strong in this draft, and in the second round, you may see a guy like Adoree Jackson or King (Iowa) be there, so that’s something to watch.
  • 2nd tier WR – the top two are Davis and Williams, and it’s quite likely that they’ll both be gone by the time we pick, hence the fact that there will likely be a very solid DL there for the taking in the first round, as well as plenty of WR to choose from in the 2nd round.
  • This draft also seems to be pretty deep at RB – I think we should be able to find a day 1 starter at RB in the 3rd or 4th round.
  • As far as Safety goes in this draft, I do think there are some gems out there like the guy from Utah, Williams I think, and Buddah Baker that might be had in the 2nd, but it’s all about value and who’s available.
  • I really can’t expect for us to find more than 2 or 3 quality day 1 contributors in the draft, the rest are for depth and ST.

Find Value in FA:

  • There are definitely some very solid WR in this FA class such as Stills, Woods and Patterson (sounds like a law firm or a band, lol).
  • There are also some quality DT and DE available as well that we could sign to help hedge our bets in case we don’t land one in the draft.
  • It also looks like there are a few RT prospects that will be available that we could bring in to compete as well.

With that strategy in mind, I’m going to sign Patterson in FA – giving me a guy who is capable of explosive plays in both the return and WR screen game.

In the draft, I’m making sure I come away with the best DL that falls to me in the first round, then trying to get one of the WR who fall to me in the 2nd, and taking either a CB or Safety in the 3rd, and find my RB in the 4th.

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