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Damn site logged me out and didn’t post. Try this again. I used Walter Footballs latest mock draft to get an idea of what mmight be available. I only took guys that were available before or after my pick in each round. 1. Corey Davis wr western michigan. It’s the perfect scenario of need meets bpa. 2. David Njoku te miami. Not the greatest need but one hell of a player. Would give Winston a fresh set of weapons and give the bucs a ton of flexibility in routes and sets. Evans Davis Brate Njoku would be 1 hell of a core. 3. Elfein c ohio state. Another great area of needs and bpa meeting. Can battle for C spot or be groomed to replace the next year. Either way gives more OL depth and a solid talent. 4. DeShawn Hand de/dt Alabama. Was a 5 star coming out of HS and played for a solid program. Would provide much needed depth and hopefully blossom into a starter. They only mocked 4 rounds but 5th would be Joe Mixon if he’s available. 6th and 7th would be whatever special team guys.

Would love this draft!

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