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Probably gave him the first pick to stay…

Could be. If you remember when smith and dirk were in Atlanta, it seems smith gave dirk the first round pick of Julio after they had no one else to throw to besides white in the playoffs the previous year. Maybe smith said it was time to repay the favor. The other side of the coin is that maybe dirk keeps the same mindset and goes for the wr anyways. We shall see.

Or maybe Smith knows that as long as the defense plays well his value will just go up.  I’m sure he is looking for something that fits him vice just taking any HC available. It was reported Smith wanted nothing to do with Bortles, so it sounds like he is giving potential employers conditions.  And I doubt there was a deal to give him the first pick as they have no clue who would be available at 19.  If it was the 6th pick, then maybe. But not with the 19th.  Spending money in FA is a different matter though.  I can see Licht agreeing to get Smith’s prized FA (whoever that is) no matter the cost. Maybe JPP and or Eric Berry?

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