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Now that FSU’s WR Travis Rudolph declared for the draft, I would no mind getting him in the 4th round!!

more like the 6th round.

Will be interesting to see how he fares during the combine, most have him with a 2nd – 4th round grade.

he will do well in inteviews. hes a stand up guy. hes tough and the tape shows he will play over the middle as well as outside

his issue is that he needs to gain weight. hes probably 6’1 but closer to 185-190 lbs and hes not really fast. his YAC wasnt very good and he struggles to make contested catches consistently. he projects as an NFL slot receiver and a possession guy. if he runs well hes probably a 3rd or 4th rounder.

the biggest problem with Rudolph is that an absurd amount of his career production came in about 3-4 games. he had 2 200 yard games against syracuse and another against Houston. then he has a bunch of 60-80 yard games and a bunch of ones where hes got like 2 catches for 30. hes wildly inconsistent. some of that can be blamed on FSU having less than ideal QB situations for 2 of his 3 years but he never really stepped up

he made some big plays for us when we needed them and hes a good kid but he should have gone back to school and tried to improve his stock. hes entering a pretty strong WR draft year and its going to cost him money

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