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I would rather pick up a blocking TE in the late rounds or UDFA. The Bucs already have a blossoming star at TE.

Winston has shown he loves throwing the ball to TEs. he did it alot in college and does it alot now. id love to run the two TE type offense that the Pats run. really stresses the LBs and Safeties and allows for more mismatches and singling up of your WRs outside

I like Hodges a lot. hes got work to do but he could be a real weapon. this is one of the best TE drafts in a while

theres not a lot of complete TEs but a ton of receiving ones. Evan Engram is another i really like. hes in the Jordan Reed mold. its a shame Jake Butt got hurt against FSU. hes going to be a steal if he can come back healthy. i think we will see Jordan Leggett shoot up draft boards, his combination of size and receiving ability is very intriguing

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