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Is there a reason why Robert Woods isn’t on that list? That is my #1 option at this point. Mixon, HARD PASS. Funny how we are going to cherry-pick when we choose to ignore character issues, and when we are going to have a hard stance on them. I would also take almost every WR on that list besides Kenny Britt.

Because he is not very good.

You must have missed the monday night game where he had 10 catches for 160 yards clearly showing how hes got skills but could use a change of scenery.

SO you think bringing him to Tampa has him performing better? His season was super average outside of the Seattle game. I want someone that is getting better and it running clean routes. Pryor fits that bill better in my opinion.

I personally do think he needs to get out of a Buffalo and if he does land on another team somewhere and get decent amount of PT, then yea you’re gonna see more of what he was originally drafted for. In terms of solid route running and good footwork at least, which is something wed like to add to our WR group. He’ll be only 25 next year too. and by no means would I view signing him as solving the WR issue. Id consider it a potentially great value tier 3 WR FA signing, and id sign another guy and/or draft a WR in the top 3 rounds. No doubt Pyror is better signing considering he just came off 1000 yard for the Browns, hes 6’4″ and has the breakaway speed.

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