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Nova im really happy you bothered to think about this for 10 seconds. Now try and go into deeper thought and you might figure this out for yourself.


The CIA murdered Kennedy and pinned it on Oswald. The CIA team that did the crime was lead by George Bush Sr. Oswald was working for the FBI by direct orders from President Kennedy via Hoover. Kennedy wanted to know where the CIA secret training grounds were and then was going to dismantle the deep state cloak and dagger association. Kennedy also was in the process of empowering the fourth estate and ridding it of indoctrination duties.

So the CIA killed Kennedy, the leader of the free world, in a major American city, in broad daylight, in front of his own security forces, and on live TV….~then for 50 years the official government story is that Oswald shot the President from behind and was the lone shooter. Not even the Zapruder film could sway the “official” fairy tale. NOW I SAY TO YOU …Learn how something works. Understand….. Wisdom begins with the fear of Jehovah. A house divided cannot stand. The CIA is a wickedly dark organization and they still operate by the same ol’ principals of psychological terrorism.

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