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you can still use your brain to put together facts, circumstantial evidence, and logically thought out conclusions. Why would a gay pizza shop owner have dozens of instagram pictures of children (4-12 yrs old). Some are taped to a table, some have beads wrapped around their neck…etc. And the comments are very weird and suspicious. The gay pizza shop owner is said (in Print) to be the 49th most influential person in D.C. I guess his pizza’s are outstanding. Why would Hilary have Podesta as her chairma? Why Obama and Clinton have several fund raisers out of the Comet Pizza Place?

If you use your brain, you’d see how badly you’ve been duped into believing this.

1) His pizzas are outstanding by all accounts, hell even Guy Fieri thought so when he featured the place on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives. It’s a highly rated restaurant and considered to be the best pizzas in the DC area.

2) He was named 49th most influential person in DC by GQ magazine in an article titled, “50 most influential people in DC not named Obama or Biden”. He’s a few spots behind a trio of party planners and a blog on DC weather. Here’s a link to the article, maybe it’ll help:

3) It’s a pizza parlor with ping pong tables. Kids love pizza. Kids love ping pong. Parents love taking pictures of their kids having fun. The photos are customers and their kids.

4) It’s also a venue where live bands play, generally punk and alternative music. Bands of those genres generally have a lot of strange pictures, posters and slang to be ‘different’. Doesn’t mean they are pedophiles or satanists. Sometimes they do things for shock value.

Seriously, seek help.

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